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why linx.

why linx.


Successfully engage with manufacturers within the agriculture, food service, hospitality, food processing and grocery segments to establish long term relationships within the distribution community while identifying opportunities to enhance profitability for the end user. We will be recognized as industry leaders focused on linking targeted multinational manufacturers to end users thru the distribution channel.



Establish a leading sales and marketing company that prides itself on integrity, hard work, ethical business practices and partnering with the best in class. Build a regional network of business professionals who thoroughly understand the distribution process for existing manufacturers and those seeking to expand into a growing market.

Provide a culture where integrity, respect and dedication are pillars to our foundation. Strive for the highest level of professionalism while enlightening the lives of those we are associated with. We will align ourselves with environmentally conscious manufacturers who are cognitive of the environmental impact of their products and changing dynamics of the marketplace.

"Because of the high demands of today's service business environment, it was essential for us to partner and collaborate with someone with dedication, integrity, honesty and great customer service skills."

                                      ~Eric P.


servicing business verticals

agriculture | food service & processing | grocery | hospitality

our story.

The founders worlds collided over 30 years ago in Tucson, Arizona where the pace was slower and the Catalina Mountains provided a beautiful horizon. While we came from different parts of the world, we were able to navigate thru life's good times and bad. Nothing comes easy but, perseverance and commitment have helped us along the way. The dedication to our families and careers demonstrate that the American Dream lives and with hard work good things happen.

We reached a cross road in our careers and felt the timing was right to establish our own company and reward ourselves for our hard work without a loss of perspective or appreciation for those who helped us along the way. During the planning process, we saw a void in the market with the recognition that there are midsize and large manufacturers who have great stories, innovative products and the desire to increase sales in a growing market. Understanding the economical cost of having a direct local representative is not a sustainable option, our services offer over 40 years of combined sales experience.

We are excited about our new venture and look forward to building upon our existing relationships and establishing new partnerships. Along the way, we will find the time to have fun, enjoy our colleagues and savor all the joys life has to offer.

our story.

It's not where you're

from that matters,

it's where you're going and

what you do when

you get there.


location & contact info

we can be reached Mon. - Fri.
8:00 am - 5:00 pm AZ Time

480.625.7051 Fernando Peñuela

mailing address.
PO Box 11282
Chandler, AZ  85248


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